Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A special Fraternity

Today we had sweeps. Most of you I'm glad to say were appropriately dressed and were on time. However, there were some who were not. And the overriding comments I heard, (other than you're tripping) were why all the new rules? and Why are we being so strict?

Let me answer it in two parts. #1 the rules aren't new. #2 It's because you deserve it.

You deserve to be in a school that cares about the way you dress and present yourself. You deserve to be in a school that cares whether you are in class learning so you can finish this 4 year road and graduate. You deserve to be in a school, that when you look around at your peers you see success.

You deserve to hold your head up high and walk down the street and say "I'm a Bruin." "I'm part of the Bruin Excellence."

You belong to a special Fraternity. This Fraternity goes back to 1972. Some of your parents and Granparents went here. Mr. K went here. I went here, (Best Class 1990)

Don't let the past, or any negative comments dictate what your High School experience will be like. People out there don't know what is going on in your school. Just because they had a bad experience in the past that's not your present. Their low expectations are not yours or ours for that matter. Prove them wrong.

If you ever listen to one of Mr. K's speeches it always has this message "You deserve the same as everyone else." And by that he means the same high expectations that Any Private, Catholic, or High achieving school has for their students.

I had it. He had it. Some of your teachers that graduated from here had it. And we are not only trying to have you have it, we are trying to raise the bar higher so one day you could tell your kids about your Fraternity. And how you would not send them anywhere else but here. Because they Deserve The Bruin Excellence.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Freshmen LUNCH

Alright BRUIN LAND, Brandi brought up an interesting topic- Joining Freshmen and Sophomores together for Lunch. What is your take?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back from a long restful summer. We at Bruin Land are excited about the up coming year and the changes we are adding to our school to serve you (the students, our customers) better. I have heard positive things so far; from the Jukebox, to the concession stand, to the awesome blue tape that make up the lines.... OK no one said anything about the Blue Tape But I'm waiting.

Bruin Xpression is another thing we added for you. This will mainly be run by Student Services, the Deans and myself. This is a way to communicate our thoughts about different issues we would like your input on.

We not only hear you but we listen to you. During the assembly a student asked for a comment box. Guess what Here it is. If you have a comment, a suggestion, a complaint, let us know we will certainly look at it. We can't promise it will always turn out the way you want but we will give you some answers.

This is all the time I can give for right now check back soon for other messages.